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Modern, beautifully designed from wool cat house-bed. Hand felted from natural, ecological wool. This brand new, color birch green, size L cat house-bed is the best you can get in the market and at the same time will not cost you a fortune. We are confident about the quality of this wool cat house-bed.

Perfect for Cats to play and sleep inside or on top. Comfortable bed for yours pet's healthy sleeping and rest. The bed provides maximum warmth and comfort. Cozy and Cushioned. It is super soft and warm, so your pet will feel happy when in it. Lovely plum style, simple but good-looking.

Handmade wool felt cat house are durable and easily cleaned.
Wipe dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft sponge with water and soap. Use vacuum.
Wool has a natural self-cleaning characteristic, so a full bath is rarely necessary.
You can wash your cat house in washing machine using hand or wool wash programs.
Cat house, washed using washing machine, can lose his shape.

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: items are handmade, so, every piece is different, measurements are approximate, and there are lots of deeds, from what measurement depends.
SIZE LARGE, L for 5-8 kg (10-16 pounds) cat.
Length 43/46cm (17/18 inches)
Width 36/39cm (14/15 inches)
Height 27/30cm (11/12 inches)
Hole diameter 17/18cm (7 inches)

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cat house birch green

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