handmade cat house

What is handmade?

Handmade: is a new trend or current that consists of manually processed products in a unique, original way. Made by hand, not by machine; made by a process requiring manual skills. 
Handmade products have become a real trend. If two years ago no one did know much about what this meant, we now have thousands of artisans scattered everywhere. Handmade trend include a wide range of products, creations.
How does it look the handmade client? Well, most of the time: female, less than 35 years old, educated, fed up with shopping malls and looking for more than a brand, ambitious to wear something more than the other women on the street. Take a look around you! What can you see? You wear knitted clothes, hand painted wooden jewelry, decorations and ornaments manually painted and carved etc., everything around us is handmade and the interesting fact is that handmade is an old art…our grand-grandparents were manually creating their clothes, decorations, all the stuffs and this old art is ultra-modern nowadays.
For the most part ,everyone can create their own handmade clothes, can transform an old dress, can apply some buttons or some patches and can turn it into something downright amazing, but what about handmade cat house? Not everyone can create handmade cat house. Of course we can apply some colored leather bows, or some buttons on boring old cat house but we cannot fully create a handmade cat house. That is why there are specialists in this handmade field.
Handmade is the trend that cannot be affected by the time and the passing years!
Handmade wool cat house - bed tells its own story, has a life and becomes valuable ... This is the handmade effect.
Handmade, felted wool cat house are a natural, eco-friendly type of cat house, amazingly soft and comfortable while being ecological. They are eco-friendly because they use the best wool in the world, which is from Australian merino sheep. This is a natural regenerating source of material. The sheep appreciate it, also, because a full coat of wool makes the sheep uncomfortably hot. The wool naturally falls out but sometimes not fast enough for the sheep. The excessive wool sheered away from the merino sheep helps to create a more comfortable wool coat ant a healthy benefit for them. As a result, these felted cat house not only help avoid creating excessive pollution but they are healthy contribute to the happiness of animals.
Using handmade felted cat house helps avoid contributing to the pollution caused from burning oil. The material from these cat house, come from a naturally regenerating material source. Not only does using wool as a source of material help avoid pollution but it also benefits the sheep.
Each cat house is made depending on size. Each is handmade by fine craftsman to and inspected carefully to avoid any tears or rips in the felt fabric. Only the finest quality felted cat house is available using the handmade process. The cat houses are formed by using human hand pressure along with soap and water, no chemicals, and a temporary template which is removed later. Dried under the sun, subsequent layers of wool are then added for thickness and decoration.
These techniques have been passed down through many generations of European people, and it surprisingly can take as much as three hours to create one cat house. There are small villages where women have found wealth making these cat houses for export due to the explosive demand for this product.
Fashion is created with these lightweight handmade felted wool cat houses. Due to the insulation properties, they are wonderfully warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is hot. The fibers give a micro massage which allows skin to breathe, they help regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation. Wool also is antibacterial.
Unusual in design, this beautiful cat house is becoming popular in the new American market as well as throughout the world. Hand washing in cold water is the only cleaning method that is required.
The last processes you undertake when ordering your handmade felted cat house is deciding what color and size you want.