Silver vine/Matatabi sticks - natural and ecological cat and dog toothbrush.

Silver Vine – The natural Newcomer, for cat's and dog's, health and teeths !
   Silver vine (also known as Japanese Catnip / Matatabi) used in Asian countries for years. Grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and China. Active ingredient is actinidine which produces euphoric response similar effects to catnip.
Typical behaviors include rolling, rubbing, drooling, and licking. Just like catnip, silver vine is non-toxic and non-addictive.

Why Silver Vine are important to your cat's and dog's overall health ?
   Relief of Stress and Anxiety. Remember that cats and dogs do not have the same choices in minimizing and managing stress like we do.
   Sharpens Natural Hunting Skills. Silver vine are thought to allow cats to act upon their hunting skills in a different way altogether.
   Alleviation of Medical Ailments. Silver vine possess illness fighting properties. Just as pharmaceuticals can help cats the same way they do humans, it makes sense that silver vine can, too.
   Increase Bonding with Humans. Cat-human bonding has long been associated with mood and quality of life improvement in both the animal and human.