Wool ball, from natural and ecological sheep wool, felted by hands.

Rainbow colored, super soft, 100% wool ball toys. Your pets and kids will love this handmade felted wool ball toy! Give your sweet little ones safe, natural wool toys to play with.
We winded the wool by hand and used  Australian wool tops which we felt using organic soap nuts. Your cat will enjoy chasing it around and pawing at it. Also great for babies and kids as sensory toys and soft balls.
You can even use them around the home as home decor.
Small dogs may enjoy it too!

They weigh approx 3- 7 g and are approx. 5 cm all the way round so little but smaller than a tennis ball.

Please ensure you are responsible for supervising your children and pets whilst playing with this toy. This is made of pure wool and therefore has wool fibres, so be careful if it gets chewed.

Machine washable in cold water with like colors. Wool is naturally antibacterial & anti-microbial.

Real item color can be a bit different from photo because of screen settings or individual perception of colors.

Please keep in mind that this is a handcrafted piece using 100% organic materials. The bed will change within a few centimetres back and forth with use, because of the natural shifting in the knit.

Any questions, requests, please contact me.